Hunter Lloyd: The Highest-Tech Stand-Up Comedian

Hunter Lloyd is not your typical stand-up comedian. With a career spanning
over three decades, Hunter has captivated audiences across America and
beyond with his unique brand of comedy, blending humor with robotics and a
dash of technological wizardry. Here's a glimpse into the extraordinary life
and achievements of this one-of-a-kind comedian.

Early Laughs and Ambitions:
Hunter's journey into comedy started back in 1991 when he became a finalist in
the "Funniest College Student in America" competition. Even then, his
comedic talent stood out, hinting at the remarkable career that lay ahead.

A Comedy Journey Like No Other:
Fast forward to 2023, and Hunter's comedy stardom continues to shine. He has graced the stages of prestigious comedy festivals, including the North Carolina Comedy Festival and the Last Best Comedy Festival. Perhaps one of his most significant achievements is making the main event for the World Series of Comedy in the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas.

Comedy Clubs and Campus Laughter:
Hunter Lloyd is a true road warrior, having performed at over 40 comedy clubs, bringing laughter to countless individuals. He's also taken his comedy to the next level, having entertained students at more than 200 schools across America.

The Robot Comedy Show: A Laughing Revolution:
Hunter's true claim to fame is the "Robot Comedy Show." This groundbreaking act combines comedy with robots and video games, creating a performance like no other. This show has been showcased at over 200 schools, reaching an audience of more than 30,000 people. Hunter's robotic sidekicks have garnered numerous world titles, including an astonishing 11 medals at the Robot Olympics and a World Championship in NASA's Mars Robotic Competition.

Brilliant Mind Behind the Comedy:
Outside of the comedy world, Hunter Lloyd is a respected professor of Computer Science and Robotics at Montana State University, a position he's held for 25 years. His contributions to robotics technology are nothing short of astounding. He's created robots for the Department of Defense, border patrol, ATF, and NASA, leaving an indelible mark on the world of technology.

Clean, Family-Friendly Comedy:
Hunter is known for his clean, family-friendly brand of comedy, making him a favorite for audiences of all ages. His humor transcends generational gaps, creating moments of joy for families and friends alike.

The Multifaceted Author and Inventor:
In addition to his comedic talents, Hunter is a published author, with his most recent book, "The Mighty Worrier," captivating middle school readers with its unique blend of humor. His patented invention, the SnoozeDoll, was even featured on the Jay Leno show, making him a household name in the world of creative gadgets.

Robots That Know You:
Hunter's robots, Looney and Ocean, aren't just for show; they can tell you your sex, height, weight, and age. These intelligent creations can even sense your emotions, distinguishing between happiness and sadness. And Tango, another one of Hunter's robotic wonders, can efficiently take orders at fast-food restaurants, keep tables tidy, and manage trash disposal.

Hunter Lloyd is more than just a stand-up comedian;
He's a comedic pioneer who's used his unique blend of humor and robotics to leave an indelible mark on the world of entertainment and technology. With a career that spans decades and a future as bright as his laughter-filled performances, Hunter is a true icon in the world of comedy and innovation.

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